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I was in Madrid yesterday, reviewing work with Ludicrously Chic Creative Director and Inpenetrably Accented Creative Director: one of those meetings that took 45 minutes, but had meant rising at 5.15am, returning home at 10pm…

All of which would have been fine, had it not been for the fact that My Former Client was in the office, as was Frenchman Who Wants To Be Spanish. The trouble being that Frenchman Who Wants To Be Spanish, rather than owning up to the fact that since winning Big Client, I have been pretty much pushed for time and am to be replaced on their business, has opted to tell them that I am ill. (This reminds me of another similar incident, at a different agency, when the Head of Client Services, rather than confessing that yet another rat was deserting the sinking, hostile ship, decided to explain another Account Director’s departure with the choice phrase: “Her mother has died, and she’s had a break-down.” Neither piece of information was true.)

Anyway, this led to me lurking, trapped and hungry in an ante-room as Former Client roamed the agency, enjoying both the Pre-Production meeting and the free lunch. This silly state of affairs reached its inevitable Ayckbourne apotheosis when I was discovered crouched on a sofa, BlackBerrying away – and later, when we shared a cab to the airport.

Just how ill I was – and still am, presumably – was never clear. But given that I have been more than usually absent for the last two months, I think we can all assume that it’s more than either a “bit of a cold” or even `flu…

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The Power of Now

I’ve been having a pretty torrid time of late, and it got very, very bad between me and Wife.

However, whilst things are far from “fixed”, I have realised what I was doing, what I had become and what I had (therefore) done to her – and with that realisation has come change.

I am now so concentrated on what I have, what that means to me, and the gifts (not the pressures) in my life, that I have totally revised my focus and I already started to feel different, and to enjoy what’s happening now.

So, this isn’t a before and after story ( I don’t really know what it is, other than some kind of catharsis and recognition), but it is a new chapter.

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