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Talk-back Tot

To parents’ evening last night with Temporary Wife.

All went pretty much as expected, and there was that rewarding feeling that the teachers responsible for our children’s education could at least identify them (as opposed to the woman who taught them in their Nursery year, from whom one got the distinct feeling that she couldn’t pick them out of a line-up…), with one exception.

Leafing through Eldest Son’s workbooks before the interview, we scanned the usual melange of “Good Effort”, “Try and write longer sentences” and “Nice exploration of the themes and leitmotifs in the martyrdom of St.Lucy – with a very interesting exploration of the feminist reading of the event – and good spelling!” and then came to an entry where Eldest Son had clearly thought the seven-year old equivalent of “Fuck this” and had thus written next to the question:

“I can’t do this.”

The teacher had marked the rest of the work and had replied with an encouraging:-

“Yes you can!”

But Eldest Son held firm and was not to be dissuaded:


The teacher gave as good as she got, parrying with a:

“You can if you try!”

And that drew it to an end for Eldest Son, who concluded the exchange with a graceful:

“Well I can NOW.”

Full stops and capital letters throughout. That’s my boy.

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