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Oh I am having a lovely Planner-y time at the moment! I am having to ensure that I don’t usher Dame Pretention into the parlour and settle her down with a piping hot cup of ludicrousness, but I think (at the moment) that I am managing to steer the course right between “My word, that’s so TRUE!” and “Oh fuck off back to University, you pretentious twat!” – but time (24 hours, in fact) will tell…

I’m thinking about the concept of “Beauty” – its archetypes, its myths, its stories and its rules and I am as happy as a Planning Pig in Planning Shit. Of course this has involved a trawl through the annals of film (with a particularly happy two hours spent with Cocteau’s “La Belle et La Bete”, and a particularly sickening four hundred seeming hours spent with that insult to humanity that is “Pretty Woman”) as well as a re-read of the magnificent “The Uses of Enchantment”…

The presentation is tomorrow, and I think that it is what might be called a cerebral trouser arouser. Whatever happens, it is clearly more rewarding than the meeting that Sofa Gonk has had in Istanbul, that I was originally “slated” for, which sounds like the sort of “Is it crunchy crispy, or is it crispy crunchy” sort of thing that makes me want to self-harm.

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