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Saturday, 16th February 2008

I have a new member of my team at work. And, to cut to the chase, I rather wonder if the old stick isn’t entirely mad.

I have had experience of this, in this very agency. When I was first recruited, I was given a team including someone whose madness declared itself in every aspect of her appearance. She dressed like a packet of Opal Fruits and accessorised with exciting perspex jewellery. She was also encumbered with the MOST bizarre Dutch accent, which somehow put one in mind of an effeminate Sean Connery with a lisp and a mouthful of gravel. Finally, she was epoch-makingly shit at her job.

Anyway, Version Two is a distinct improvement. The wardrobe is also “out there” (and includes the hideous, nylon, purple, batwing-sleeved dress that Fay Ripley wore as Lady Luck in a truly ghastly set of advertisements for the National Lottery…), but sometimes suggests a true creativity, rather than a child high on Tartrazine let loose in a branch of Hennes – so that’s good. And then there’s her ability – which is very evidently very high. She’s a joy to work with.

BUT – and here’s the killer blow from the prosecution – she has signed up for a course of circus skills training, specifically trapeze and high wire – which can’t be anything but a cry for help (she has recently had a bad break-up, so maybe she is hoping to turn heads in a sparkly leotard). Oh, and there’s a tattoo on her wrist…

So, the jury is still out. But if she turns up to work in a feathered head-dress and fishnets, I think I can reasonably assume that it’s the beginning of the end.

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