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Travesty of All Things Gay has crossed the line: he has (without consulting me at all) hired two Planners to work into me: one of whom I don’t think is good enough to do the job; the other whom is very good – but who won’t work well with me.

So – I have arranged to see Super Nice Chairman on Monday, and have said that I won’t tolerate his current behaviour, or approach any longer. And I mean it. I won this last piece of business (with a spend of £4bn.) – the sort of business which (as a colleague said) you are lucky to win once in a lifetime, and I have been a Planner for as long as Travesty of All Things Gay has been an Account Handler. But he seems to have decided that he knows how everyone should do their jobs – even though he has (as far as anyone can see) absolutely no talent, other than getting on aeroplanes.

So, Monday will be interesting. I’m not going to keep on working in that environment, in that way – I’m too good.

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Interesting how mixed one’s emotions can be at one and the same time.

I remember when it was announced at Wife’s second pregnancy that we were having twins, my shock was matched by my delight – so that I netted out somewhere in the vicinity of “numb”. So it was after the announcement this week that we have won a simply enormous piece of business, that we pitched on about a month ago.

On the one hand, there is the glory, the positive reinforcement, the creative opportunity etc.

But, for me, there is the equally bitter balance of a future in which Travesty Of All Things Gay looms large.

He has become even more unbearable of late, involving himself in a level of minutiae and inappropriate muscling in that makes my job all but impossible to do. This, coupled with the ever-increasing size of his belt buckles (he now looks to be sporting teh sort of thing that one is used to seeing Lennox Lewis carry aloft at the end of a fight), is making him very hard to tolerate. I daresay that one of our seasonal showdowns is not too far distant.

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Saturday, 8th March 2008

Only the other day, I was saying to Wife over tea and buns that one of the things that I love most about my current job is that I don’t have to pitch – just work on my accounts.

Oh, the irony!  The very next day, in comes a request from Chairman for me to plan on a Very Big Pitch indeed, one on which I was (apparently, though I never know if I should believe this) asked for specifically by the Client, who has worked with me before.

Bollocks: it’s a lose/lose situation. Even if we win it, my stock can’t get any higher – and it’s far more likely that we’ll lose, thus making me look like an utter retard, who wouldn’t know a strategy if it licked his balls.

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Sunday, 16th March 2008

The week ahead fills me with a sort of dread, almost entirely down to the fact that Very Big Pitch is on Thursday – or at least the strategic component (i.e.: the bit that I am I alone can either fuck up or triumph on) is.

On the plus side, I am seeing Best Friend on Thursday evening – so even if the day hasn’t gone well, the evening is going to be one of unalloyed brilliance. I haven’t seen her in ages (but then again, neither has Award-Winning Creative Director, her husband) because she has been working on a new campaign that has (at last) been bought – so she has suggested a night out that will “make Amy Winehouse look like a Mormon” to quote her (and the sort of phrase that makes me love her).

So: ups and downs, heighs and hos – at least Easter and the holiday is looming large.

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Saturday, 22nd March 2008

The pitch was on Thursday (at least the strategic component of it was) and it went very well: the Client happy with the area and the tone of what we wanted to do, now we have a week to deliver a global launch package in three different languages.

It’s very good work – and it’s been transformed by working with the Spanish agency – and I’ve enjoyed the process enormously. And now that it’s over and we’ve been vindicated, I’ve enjoyed it even more.

We understand that the agency currently on the business (who are rather known for unexcitingly solid work) have (after eighteen months) come up with what is referred to as “an uninspiring banker”, and I think that our winning the business is a very long shot (we already have a disproportionate amount of this client’s global business), but the reaction to our work was so positive that we may be in with a chance. We won’t know for at least a month (the usual round of research being interspersed between the presentation and the awarding of the account), but the creativity, respect and genuine collaboration between all sides has been a wonderfully refreshing shot in the arm.

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Saturday, 29th March 2008

Well, obviously I have changed my mind entirely about the whole pitch thing: it is now the air that I breath, the wine that I drink, the sun that warms me. It’s The National Gallery, it’s Garbo’s salary, it’s Cellophane.

As ever with me, this startling volte-face is due entirely to the fact that I’ve just had a very good experience: Impossibly Chic Creative Director, Not Gay Gay Lucifer Creative Director, Sofa Gonk and I did the final stage (Creative, PR, Events) of The Big Pitch yesterday – and knocked it out of the park..

I knew it was going to go well. because when I reviewed the work, I got tears in my eyes: I was so relieved and so impressed that they had done brilliant work that NAILED the strategy. And the Client had the same reaction. They had seen the incumbent (established but floundering agency) that morning, and the other contender (good pitch performance with very poor creative agency) and it was apparent that what we had done was the answer to their prayers: because they said as much.

We now have to prepare the stimulus for research in Russia, France and Mexico (in which Wife and Daughter are going to appear!) and we should know within two weeks if we have, in fact, won it. I am not a natural optimist (though I am a natural enthusiast) but I would be staggered if we don’t win this, and thereby transform the fortunes of the agency. Again.

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Saturday, 12th April 2008

Before I left on holiday, I was asked to go to a final meeting on The Big Pitch at our client’s London head office. This meant leaving the Italian Lakes earlier than scheduled – but boy, was I ever glad that I did.

The meeting went amazingly well: better than any that I have ever been in and the results are exceptionally good for me personally and the agency network. Not that I realised at the time: I had to have one of those lowering, and embarrassing conversations with Ludicrously Gay Account Guy which went as follows:

“I know that was very good, but exactly HOW good was it?”

Ludicrously Gay Account Guy then told me what had happened.

“And that means that we’re…?”

And what it meant in words of one syllable, and figures with lots of zeroes on was then explained.

This is the only time in my career when I’ve been in one of those meetings that become mythical – and once it’s all announced, I shall write more (oh lucky reader!) – always assuming that iWeb stops crashing and decided to allow me to publish in the future.

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