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I wrote Best Friend an e-mail, and as I pressed “Send”, my mobile rang: it was her.

I was thinking to myself “I wonder how Good Friend in PR is getting on?”, and as the thought pinged into my mind, so an e-mail from him pinged into my Inbox.

I ran into Wise Monkey Planner at Client’s Big Office yesterday, and was greeted by her saying “Do you know, I was JUST wondering why I had never bumped into you here!”

Odd, eh? Of course, as Stephen Fry puts it, it would be just as odd if this kind of concatenation of circumstances never happened too: although I wonder how many of us would be struck by the fact that “X never phones at the very second that I’m thinking about him” – but I thought that three in one day was something worth writing about.

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Thursday, 12th April 2007

The magnificent Stephen Fry once wrote that he decided to go on a diet when he felt that his body had begun to resemble “a bin liner filled with yoghurt”.

I’m not there yet: but there’s certainly a few too many Mullers in the Waitrose bag – so on Tuesday (after the happy excess of Easter was over) I started on a diet. Low carb, high protein, no sugar, no caffeine and no alcohol. It is fairly hard core for the first two weeks – but the promise is of serious weight loss fairly quickly. 

The thing is: if I don’t see some results fairly quickly, then I’ll give up – so I’d rather go through a fairly harsh time for a while and get some benefits, and that should keep me going.

I want to lose two stone by Christmas – and I think I should be able to do it, if I can be arsed: but I don’t want to get to 40 as a fattie. And I daresay that Wife would be fairly pleased as well…

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Sunday, 24th June 2007

Stephen Fry is my hero.

He is also, as of twenty minutes ago, my friend.

By “friend” of course I mean: utter stranger who isn’t so rude as to refuse a pestering friendship request on Facebook.

But what I REALLY think this means is that he and his partner will be scampering round here MOST weekends for dinner.

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Hero Worship

Saturday, 18th August 2007

Friday will be Stephen Fry’s 50th birthday.

The BBC (in a rare example of intelligent, rather than frantic, patronizing “crowd pleasing” programming) has dedicated the whole weekend to him on BBC4. So there are interviews with friends and Fry himself. some of his best work – and then (best of all), his pick of the archives aired until midnight.

Alan Bennett was honoured in a similar way (though I don’t know if on the same occasion) and it made for a wonderful weekend of television: if nothing else, perhaps it halted the BBC’s revolting and vandalistic destruction of tapes (including the only copy of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s work, let alone performances such as Fiona Shaw’s Hedda Gabler or Michael Gambon and Billie Whitelaw in “The Entertainer”). One can hope.

So an early Happy Birthday to Mr Fry: my utter, utter hero.

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